Christmas Already?

It’s almost Christmas already??? What?!! Where did this year even go?? 🤷‍♂️ Like the saying goes, “time doesn’t wait for nobody” so, if you’re NOT already doing what you LOVE & Passionate about, it’s probably worth considering & re-prioritise your battle plan for 2019! It’s been 2 years since Talking Tiger first came into being… We took an entrepreneurial leap, grabbed life by the balls, said fk it! we seized the moment, took on a series of random synchronized opportunities and took each day as it came.
Our street credential slowly got around, we made a lil reputation for ourselves; feeling like lil signage gangstas with our steel cap boots & hi-vis vests ready to take on the world😎. We’ve encountered countless people & businesses within various communities, clients, suppliers, randoms of all ages and professions.. We love nothing more than the “Hue-man” spirit, the drive, the force, the interconnectivity from one person to another.
We’ve never lost sight of why we started this business in 2016; we wanted to assist and help real people, small – medium size businesses achieve the highest and most satisfactory outcome for hard earnt money well spent. Personalised A+ graphic design & signages is a positive attribute for any business… don’t make the mistake of looking for a #bargin because cheap, lacks quality. We are here to provide all our clients with #affordable #professional #quality #signages with #honesty #integrity
#knowledge #experience
If we haven’t cross paths as of yet, we hope to be acquainted in 2019.
A random 7pm #ranting post, feeling gratitude, appreciation and blessed for the continual support, was meant to write about our new LED NEON product however got carried away with a blog entrance 🙂 Take care, until next time “steer the path and stay awesome!”
Best Regards
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